Information Security

SENSORSTAR is at the forefront of internet security for both commercial and government customers and applications. Our capabilities include:

  • Threat and risk analysis
  • Secure operating systems
  • Multi-level security
  • Monitoring appliances
  • Secure databases
  • System audits
  • Mobile Security
  • Wireless security

There is a tremendous difference between security being done poorly and security being done well. SENSORSTAR is a trusted source of systems and solutions for the U.S. government, large government system integrators, and commercial enterprises around the world

Consumer Product Design

SENSORSTAR has developed specific experience related to the sports and fitness vertical market. Our designs have been on the retail market since 1997. Some of these designs include:

  • Robotic footwear manufacturing
  • Wearable devices
    • Heart-rate monitors
    • Elapsed distance/velocity
    • Fitness monitors
    • Cycle Monitors
    • Body-LANS
    • Altimeters
    • Watch, in-shoe and in-apparel form factors
  • Apparel materials
  • Management of contract manufacturers
  • Global retail logistics
  • Retail demonstration systems
  • Sports performance measurement and analysis
  • Materials testing


Signal Processing/Signal Detection

Our engineers and scientists are experts in the field of signal processing and the detection of information buried deeply in background noise. SENSORSTAR signal processing solutions have been deployed in end-products spanning the spectrum between consumer products and military space systems. Applications that we have successfully developed include:

  • Acoustic feature detection
  • Audio, image, and video steganography
  • Real-time signals analysis
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • Biological Signal Processing

Visualization & Collaboration Systems

SENSORSTAR has strong capabilities in visualization of "Big-Data" and collaboration systems that allow analysis and discovery:

  • GIS systems
  • Remote collaboration tools
  • 3D image and video analysis
  • Unique data viewers
  • Custom MMI and GUI development
  • Seamless tiled projection systems

SENSORSTAR systems have been deployed across the Department of Defense for applications ranging from logistics to real-time tactical collaboration.

Health Care Technology

SENSORSTAR develops health care technology for hospital systems and companies that supply solutions to the health care industry. Our solutions are deployed in some of the world's largest hospital systems. Some of these solutions include:

  • Telepresence for Healthcare IT.
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • PACS
  • Imaging archives
  • Mobile applications for health care
  • Security for health care applications


Navigation Systems

SENSORSTAR has a twenty-year history delivering breakthrough navigation systems and products. Our capabilities include:

  • Guidance and navigation systems for missiles and aircraft
  • Guidance system analysis
  • Embedded GPS systems for consumer applications
  • Embedded accelerometers for consumer applications
  • In-vehicle navigation systems
  • Mapping solutions

Our products are widely deployed in successful consumer products and some of the most demanding military and space systems in existence.