A Quick Background

The founders here at SENSORSTAR began their career developing systems and instruments for Earth-orbiting and interplanetary spacecraft systems. The discipline required for these demanding applications has shaped SENSORSTAR’s ethos and continues to influence our approach to problem solving. We have translated this capability in the support of a variety of industries and customers that span virtually all industry segments. We partner with large organizations to provide rapid prototyping and development services for some of the nation’s most challenging problem sets. From data analytics and visualization to RF and Analog design, one of our strengths is our ability to use technical diversity to create new perspectives and options in problem solving.


Our relationship with our customers can vary from being a supplier of technology to being a fully integrated development partner. In some cases, our customers come to us to solve a specific technical challenge, and in others, we are tasked with providing research and development expertise to meetbroad strategic organizational goals. For larger customers, we can act as a personal research and development team, to respond to technological challenge, in a more efficient and effective manner than may be allowed through an internal response. For our smaller clients, we can offer immediate,extended research and development capability. Collaborating with clients on conceptual development and prototyping through final production, we help transform product vision into product reality.


Today, we continue utilizing a range of expertise, including computer vision algorithms, biometrics, health care information technology, consumer product design and statistical data reduction methods, we create algorithms and products that make data meaningful. At SENSORSTAR, we take pride in our highly communicative, interactive approach to client relations because we know it is essential to on-budget, on-time success. Whether a project requires re-thinking computer interfaces, the flow of a mobile application, or creating clear elegant data visualizations, we design for the best possible product. At Sensorstar, we help bring innovations to life.